I believe it is critically important to have rules or personal guidelines for one's life and more importantly for one's business dealings and interaction with other people... these are mine! I believe it is important for my clients to know what I value prior to engaging my services on their behalf. I am pleased you are reading through this page as it will facilitate our working together.
Robert’s (Bob's) Rules of Engagement

My on-going growth and success in serving my clients, audiences, and readers has been solidly and creatively built on remaining true to my core values. I have been most successful where I have stayed true to those values. I have also found myself having challenges and lessons when I did not. Eventually, I learned what was important and what worked for me and my clients to ensure we both succeed.

Bob has earned recognition from the United Nations for his community involvement. Motivational keynote speaker, MC, host Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey was given the privilege of hosting the United Nations – BC branch Kid’s for Kids event in Vancouver, BC.

Robert David Hooey

If you visit my Expect More page on my Idea Man site, you’ll see where I have laid out just what my speaking, coaching, and training clients can expect when they decide to engage my services. I provide a professional service and am committed to helping you and your team profitably grow and productively succeed! I am also committed to my own professional development in this quest.

My friend and fellow speaker, Steve Miller encouraged me to follow his lead and actually outline my own "Rules of Engagement". He challenged me to ensure my potential clients 'fully' understand these rules and values that are the foundation on which I conduct and build my business. I thank Steve for his ongoing encouragement in moving my professionalism up to the next level and for allowing me to use his rules as a guide or model for the development and evolution of my own. His generosity is appreciated, as is his friendship.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey at work on the podium hosting the UN-BC Kid’s for Kids event in Vancouver, BC.

Bob had the privilege of being the opening speaker, as well as Emceeing this two day event with high school students attending and presenting from across BC. He was humbled by the depth and conviction of the students who performed, spoke, or shared about the harsh, 'real' challenges being faced today. He came away inspired to continue his work in helping people hone their skills and grow. He was later honoured by the UN Association for his leadership contributions.

Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey - Basic 'Core' Values

I approach my work 'with' my clients as a partner or fully participating success team member. In essence, I do not work 'for you' or your company; I work 'with you' and your team on previously agreed goals for our time together. I work diligently to ensure 'we' reach those goals. I will work my buns off to help you and your team win! I want you and your team to succeed. I want your event to be special and memorable! I will hold you to your commitments in our common agreed quest!

I embrace change, challenge and creativity in all my activities… after all, I am the Canadian Idea Man!

I am not shy in dealing with controversy, a difference of perspective, opinion, or viewpoint. In fact, it is that provocative, value-added skill I bring to the table which often facilitates innovative change and creativity. Looking at what you do or desire from my ‘outside’ perspective sheds light on areas for improvement or idea rich, new innovative changes for profitability. This has earned millions for some of my clients. I'm sure you'll find it valuable too!

I will challenge you and your team to re-think and to improve on what you do, to grow, and to invest in your growth and the growth of your team members.

I seek to consistently improve on what I deliver, to increase my value to your team, our audiences, and to enhance any processes developed or used in serving you.

I look at increasing the long-term, results-based value I bring to our working relationship and am not shy in charging you accordingly. My clients appreciate this and have seen multiple ROI from our partnerships. This is the foundation of my work success and my commitment to leveraging my time and life wisely.

Robert (Bob) Hooey ’s Personal 'Rules of Engagement'

Prior to engaging me, I'd suggest you invest the time to familiarize yourself with these basic 'rules of engagement'. Whether I am working in my role as keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or trainer, executive coach, or in my capacity as a professional writer, these are the foundational values upon which I engage my services with all of my clients, audiences, and readers. They are the foundations of mutual success and respect upon which our successful relationship will be built.

Rule of Fun

We take ourselves, our careers, our challenges, and our organizations far too seriously. I have learned that ‘people learn best in times of enjoyment.’ I have also learned that my creativity flows and my value increases to my clients, when I am having fun. In fact, one of my all time favorite questions came from a client following a program in Cancun, Mexico. She said, 'It looks like you are having fun up there!" I was! My ultimate commitment and goal is to work hard in having fun as we creatively and productively work together. I both enjoy and love what I do and want to share that excitement, enjoyment with you, your team and your extended audience. So let’s commit to having fun in our times together.

My basic mantra is: "If it isn't fun - I don't want to do it!" And perhaps I should consider charging more when it isn't. Smile! (Ok, I'm not going there yet; but you get the idea.) Let's enjoy our time working together and help each other win, while having fun doing it!

Rule of Family and Fellowship

I believe there are times we must 'choose' between work and relationships with family or committed friends. Let’s choose relationships! I would expect your family to take precedence over your business and myself. Accordingly, my commitment to my wife and family is more important than you.:) I enjoy the time I spend with my wife, and will, schedule permitting, bring her along on some of my road trips (at my expense). There will be times in 'my' schedule when I choose to 'not' be available due to those commitments. There will be times in 'yours' that will conflict for the same reason. I respect your relationships as a part of helping you succeed and expect you will return the favor. I believe we win when the many facets of our life are working. If our family life suffers because of our work, then we are not winning.

Rule of Respect and Follow Through

When you engage me or as a part of your success team or as a presenter for an event, I am working 'with' you, as well as for you! That entails that we commit and treat each other equally with mutual respect. That also means we each 'commit' to following through on what we promise. For example, if you contact me via phone or email you should expect a timely response. You will get it and I will expect the same standard or treatment in return. When I tell you I will have something to you by a certain time or date, I will deliver! "If you say you will get something to me by a certain time, I will expect you to follow through on or before your commitment to me." This is a foundation for our long-term success in working together and developing a mutually productive relationship. Note: I have fired clients when this rule has been repeatedly been broken. I am committed to having you win, and my investment with you is based on your being an active participant in our process together!

Rule of Value

With the exception of specific research, development activities or coaching services, my keynote speaking and training fees are not based on 'time' or 'travel'. (I do occasionally give locally based or non-profit groups a break, so I can sleep in my own bed!) My fees are established solidly on the full value and ROI of my participation, as well as my rich experience, ongoing research, and education. I charge for the 'value' I bring as well as the focus on the results based on our time together. This is where the real value resides: not in the program but the performance enhancement following the program! This is one of the reasons I often provide follow up reinforcement programs and materials for my clients, audiences, and readers.

My life commitment is to create and embrace value in all aspects of my life and business. I charge and deliver full value for my services to you and am not shy in doing so! I am proud of the value I bring to the table or the platform. My clients are proud of the results they see.

Rule of Travel

Over the past decade and a bit, I have sought to leverage the value I bring to my clients by being more creative in my travel arrangements. One of those value added commitments is ensuring I am on-site, well in advance of your program (where applicable), so I am rested and ready to give you 110%.

This means, I no longer schedule myself tightly (unless other commitments dictate). For example, in most cases where travel is long range, I will be on-site later in the day 'prior' to my scheduled time with your group. If I am working closer to home, I may fly in the early morning of a late afternoon or evening event. This small investment in extra accommodation and meals can give you some amazing ROI. See my expectations page for my commitment.

I look forward to the opportunity to creatively work with you and your team. Whether we are working on helping your executive leadership grow to the next level, an executive or leadership retreat, a sales or management seminar, a training event, or having me create and deliver a motivational keynote speech at a full blown conference or convention – I want to deliver 'my best' for you. In order to leverage my value for you we need to make sure we are on the same team and espouse the same values.

Call me at: 1-888-848-8407 (Client Toll Free North America); Office 1-780-736-0009, or drop me an email at: bob@bobhooey.training to discuss your needs and goals and explore where I can be a value added part of 'your' success team in helping your leaders and their teams profitably grow and productively win.

Robert David Hooey

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Bob is the inspirational author of over 30 business, career, sales and leadership success books, (including several Amazon best sellers) a mini-book series, four success systems and a series of new e-books. He is a motivational columnist and frequent contributor on sales, teamwork, employee motivational and inspirational leadership, innovation, and success to North American consumer, association, on-line, corporate and trade publications.

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