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"I still get comments from people about your presentation. Only a few speakers have left an impression that lasts that long. You hit a spot with the tourism people." Janet Bell, Coordinator Yukon Economic Forums

"If you want your leaders and their teams motivated and equipped to succeed - you need to call Bob now, before your competition does!"

Bob is committed to your growth and the success of your teams. He has the proven idea-rich programs to reinforce that commitment. Call him today!

Bob is committed to your growth and excellence, not your comfort.

"To get to the winner's zone, we must move well outside our comfort zone."

His provocative ideas will challenge the way you and your team think and inspire the way you act! He will challenge you to win!

Call today to see his innovative Ideas At Work! with your team. His idea-rich training programs go deep into the 'why' and the 'how' of what to do to be more successful, productive, and profitable.

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Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey

Personal note from Bob: Given my experiences in high school and college I am amazed that I ended up an educator, trainer, and speaker. Even more so a best selling author who hated his high school English assignments, but that is a different story. Looking back I remember sitting in class after class where the teacher was 'boring' their way through the curriculum, trying to pay attention, and figure out what was important to learn and study for the inevitable tests. I quickly scoped out which teachers actually knew their 'stuff' and had some form of passion or cared about the subject and 'me' as their student. Those ones I listened to and responded to them when they challenged me to think for myself and to learn. I was life-long learner, even then. You'd probably have called me an egg-head or nerd as I often had a book or two under my nose. Some were just for the enjoyment of reading and some were on subjects I was actually interested in studying. I continued this later in life taking college level classes in subjects that interested me. I also read from the experts in various fields, still do!

I bring this passion for learning and excitement for seeing people 'get 'it' and start thinking for themselves (finding the 'WHY') to my role as a trainer. I love it when one of my audience members (students) moves forward and succeeds. I've brought this 'passion for success' into my leadership experiences and over the years, saw many of those I trained/mentored/supervised successfully move into leadership themselves. Some I even worked with later in life in their roles as leaders. I invest my time with people 'on-the-grow' who are often leaders themselves. This keeps me sharp and fresh and gives me solid idea rich insights into what makes people succeed and what inspires them to grow, to take risks, to step into leadership, and to make a difference.

I bring that success based focus into every training or speaking environment. That is who I am, and if you engage me, that is who you get. Someone who will partner with you to help equip you and your teams to productively growth and profitably succeed. If that makes sense, let's chat! 1-888-848-8407 (toll free North America) or 1-780-736-0009

"Without doubt, I have gained immeasurable self assurance. Bob, your patience and your encouragement has been much appreciated. I strongly recommend your course to anyone looking for self-improvement and professional development." Jeannie Mura, Human Resources Chevron Canada

"Bob is one of those rare individuals who knows how to tackle obstacles in life to reach his dreams. He takes each as a learning experience and stretches for more. His compassion and genuine interest in others, make him an exceptional coach." Cindy Kindred, Training Manager, Silk FM Radio

"Attention Training Providers: I want to take this opportunity to let you know that Bob Hooey has utilized his talents, energy and considerable public speaking experience to provide communications clinics for our BC Works! clients. They have been very successful... reporting dramatically increased confidence and self-esteem! In addition to being a highly skilled facilitator, Bob has shown himself to be a great team player with a comfortable manner and a great sense of humor." Vicki Austad, Manager, New Westminster Community Skills Centre President Consortium of BC Community Skills Centers (1997-1999)

Note for my Toastmasters friends... check out the special offer to have Bob present at one of your conferences.

"Thanks so much for coming to our conference. I haven't seen the reviews yet, but anecdotally, everyone was both entertained and informed by your presentations. You're one of the best conference presenters I've had the joy of observing". Jon Meyer, DTM, 2013-2014 D9 District Governor

Bob has written numerous idea-rich publications to inform, challenge, and inspire his readers and audiences. Many of Bob's top training programs are supported in print. Make sure you ask about volume discounts for publications to reinforce your team's time with Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey.

Bob's new idea-rich leadership - Business leaders development series (Click on book to view)

Jan. 16th: Bob shared some ideas on being a better speaker on Edmonton's Breakfast TV.

MEN ON A MISSION - Our Women's Empowerment Canada Interview with Bob 'Idea Man™' Hooey

Bob spoke to 3200 students (grades 3-7) at a Rise Up against bullying rally.

Check out our newly revised Accredited Speakers website under Bob's creative leadership

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Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey has earned international recognition as an inspirational, best selling author, motivational leader, facilitator, corporate trainer and award winning motivational keynote speaker on association, community or business innovation, inspirational leadership, enhanced team profitability, motivation, as well as personal performance and sales success.

Bob is the inspirational author of over 30 idea rich business, career, sales and leadership success books, (including several Amazon best sellers) a mini-book series, success systems and a series of new e-books. He is a motivational columnist and frequent contributor on sales, teamwork, employee motivational and inspirational leadership, innovation, and success to North American consumer, association, on-line, corporate and trade publications.

Canadian Trainer, Motivational Keynote Speaker, Corporate Sales Trainer and Inspirational Leadership Coach, Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey (
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